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International Sales & Marketing Opportunities

To grow your tourism business and increase visitors, looking to overseas markets can be very beneficial when it comes to improving sales. In order to do so successfully, it is vital to be aware of and get to know your key target markets, familiarising yourself with their requirements and nuances. Understanding the various sales channels that can be used to ensure your product or service is best placed and promoted overseas is also of significant importance.

Tourism Northern Ireland work in close partnership with Tourism Ireland to provide opportunities for Northern Ireland industry to promote their businesses overseas.

The Business Solutions Team act as Tourism Northern Ireland’s main interface between Northern Ireland tourism and hospitality industry and international Buyers – developing solutions and platforms for engagement.  

Tourism Northern Ireland work closely along with our colleagues in Tourism Ireland, who provide a wide range of promotional opportunities and sales platforms in international markets across the world. Identifying and nurturing these routes to market is crucial to increase the volume of overseas visitors to Northern Ireland.

Should you wish to seek advice or information on selling and promoting your tourism business or service in the international marketplace and availing of or participating in some of the opportunities offered by Tourism Ireland, please contact a member of the Business Solutions team by emailing

Please click below to view a calendar outlining some of the forthcoming overseas platforms and events arranged through Tourism Ireland that Northern Ireland industry may be interested in participating in.

International Sales & Marketing Opportunies Calendar 2018

In addition to attending and participating in the various international sales platforms and events Tourism Ireland also offer a variety of other promotional opportunities including direct & e-marketing, co-operative marketing activity, trade and publicity activity in overseas markets. Further details are available on

Key Markets

Understanding the target international markets that best fits with your tourism offering is crucial to selling successfully. Tourism Northern Ireland have identified eight key priority markets that demonstrate the highest propensity for delivering enhanced capacity and increased visitor numbers to Northern Ireland;

Northern Ireland

Republic of Ireland

Great Britain



North America




Researching your target markets and defining the opportunities presented by each one is crucial in successfully promoting your tourism product or service in the international markets. This knowledge and insight will enable you choose the most appropriate distribution channels in each market and further build and develop your relationships with overseas trade partners and take advantage of the vast opportunities presented by the key markets.