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Covid-19 Advice as a Tourism Business for Customers

We have highlighted practical advice and guidelines that should be helpful to you as a tourism business for both staff and customers.

Useful advice for your customers

How can I protect my customers?

Install signage around the business to encourage staff and visitors to wash hands regularly and in line with guidance from Public Health Agency.

Example signage:

Who do I contact about Public Health?  

Northern Ireland now has access to the NHS 111 helpline, anyone who has a concern that they or a dependant may have COVID-19 should self-isolate and call the helpline as their first step.


They should not go to A&E or their GP surgery.  Drive-through testing facilities are available at Antrim Area Hospital and further locations are expected to be available in the coming days.  


If visitors are NOT registered with a GP in Northern Ireland, please see the following advice. 


Understandably there may be visitors who have concerns while here and should contact the special coronavirus helpline at NHS 111.  




What happens if a customer is suspected as having Covid-19 (new coronavirus) whilst onsite at my premises?  


In the event that someone is onsite when they receive a positive Covid-19 (new coronavirus) diagnosis, can you provide an isolation room or place away from other customers and staff?    


If it is a medical emergency, call 999 and inform the call handler of their recent travel.  



What should I do if I am an accommodation provider?  


If you are an accommodation provider and a guest is suspected of having Covid-19 (new coronavirus), local authorities should be advised IMMEDIATELY. The guest should stay in their room until further advice is issued by the local health authority.   


If the guest’s illness is confirmed as Covid-19 (new coronavirus), then the local health authorities will advise on further measures for quarantine. 


In the event an isolation room has to be used, a risk assessment will be undertaken by the Health Protection Team with the lead responsible person. Advice on the management of staff and members of the public will be based on this assessment. 


What should I do to protect other customers and staff?   


The Health Protection Team will also be in contact with the case directly to advise on isolation, identifying other contacts and will be in touch with them to provide them with appropriate advice. 

Advice on cleaning of the isolation area and communal areas such as offices or toilets will be given by

the Health Protection Team. 


Continue to monitor the situation closely and keep informed of any changes to our position.