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10 food and drink matching ideas that don’t include wine

Think out of the wine box with food and drink pairing – here are 10 ideas to get you started!

*Please note other local producers are available, these are only suggestions.

1. Pale ale - perfect with sausages, hams and cheese of all types. Try:

2. Irish whiskey – don’t just have it on your porridge. The fats in cheese react just as comfortably with a whiskey than a wine; and seafood is also a natural partner, especially oysters and smoked fish.

3. Gin fling – be adventurous about partnering gin with foods. Both Shortcross Gin and Jawbox have paired with hospitality businesses to create some fabulous events:

4. Lager - not just with curry!
Try these with a creamy risotto, egg dishes or meaty fish.

5. Cider – Armagh’s finest
Perfect with a hog roast or anything on a spit, but can also be a refined alternative to prosecco or sparking wine with canapés for a reception or party.

Mulled cider also makes a perfect winter antidote and is a great accompaniment to Christmas pies.

6. Stouts and porters
Good with grilled meats, roasted vegetables and even chocolate pudding (no, really!). Try:

7. Apples and Pears
McCann Apples straight from the grower, a delicious pear and apple juice is the perfect soft substitute for a light Chardonnay or Chenin Blanc. A good match with sushi, pasta, fish and chips and anything avocado.

8. Tea
Best with a freshly baked scone, lashings of Ballyrashane butter and home made jam. Lots of tea suppliers in Northern Ireland, including:

9. Coffee
Chocolate and coffee, a match made in heaven.Try chocolates from CoCouture, La Coquine or Nearynogs with coffee from Johnson’s or S.D. Bell & Co 

10. Adam’s Ale
From the tap if you can, but if not try a local supplier: