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Maximising the power of your menu

Maximising the power of your menu

Maximising the power of your menu

Making the most of your menu can mean a boost to your bottom line and it only takes a few simple steps. Use your menu to convey the whole of your business’ personality from your food offering to your unique food story.

Drive, engage, communicate
Promote your dishes with an eye on margins and engaging, easy to read text. The average customer browses for under 100 seconds – get your message across quickly.

Keep it seasonal and keep it local
Key factors in any successful food and drink business so let your customers know. Let your menu reflect your dedication to these elements in simple, concise, words.

Shout out for your suppliers
Make stars of your suppliers and your staff by naming them on your menu.

Provenance, premium and price
Regularly cost your menu to maximise purchasing benefits. Remember the provenance premium to reflect the benefits of local food and supply