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NI food and drink

NI food and drink

Great things are happening in our food and drink sector

Northern Ireland's Year of Food and Drink 2016 was a celebration of everything delicious about this place. The epic landscapes, traditions and people that make our food heritage so unique.


A toolkit.

With useful info and inspiring ideas this toolkit is designed to help you make the very most of the year.

A toolkit for event organisers.

Hosting an event? This toolkit can bring you the best of Northern Ireland's food and drink to your customers.

Our food. So good.

Helpful hints and tips from FoodNI on how to plan your quality food event!

Knowing your customer and growing your business.

Information and ideas to help you make good decisions about where and how you promote your business.


My NI. Year of Food & Drink 2016 brochure.

We are bringing you some of the best of our food and drink stories highlighting the produce, the venue, the ambience, the heritage, the landscapes and of course, the people that make our food and drink community so wonderful.

Year of Food & Drink Starter Course

January - April 2016 featuring just some of the businesses, individuals and groups making the most of the opportunities provided by the initiative.

Year of Food & Drink Main Course

May - August 2016 taking a look at the collaborations, relationships and partnerships created at this stage of the year.

Year of Food & Drink Dessert Course

September - December 2016 a round up of the last four months of industry activity with an emphasis on legacy.

Food NI Guides 2016