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Improving your food and drink offering

We know that Northern Ireland’s food and drink is among the best in the world and that visitors increasingly view these elements as central to their experience. In light of this, Tourism NI have compiled a number of online guides, highlighting ways in which industry can benefit from both our produce and wonderful producers.

Think seasonal, Think regional, Think local
Take advantage of our natural larder to drive margins, freshness and choice. Use and reimagine specialities across the regions and, for added stand-out, the specialities of your locale

Make it special
Special isn’t special if you have it every day. And remember that what we consider the simplest of foods can be very special to visitors

Collaborate and co-operate
Partner with your suppliers on everything from promotion to training

Tell the story – of our produce and of your location
Food heritage is huge with visitors and our food has a lot to say. Tell your guests its story; it adds value to their visit. Does your business have a garden? Let the client know. Or how about the land? You’ve millennia of history to work with

Promote your people and your prizes
Your staff are a crucial sales tool so make sure that they’re informed and highlight award-winning ingredients and dishes on your menus

Spread the word
If you’re not going to shout about it, who will? Use your website, social media, marketing material and menus, to tell people what you do and how well you do it