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Who are your customers?

To assist businesses in being specific about their target customers, market research segments the customer base into groups, each with a distinct identity. The people within each group share common interests and characteristics and form a broad target at which a business can aim its marketing efforts. Often these are built around obvious features such as age, family structure or lifestyle but they can also contain quite detailed information about the types of experience that each segment finds appealing.

Why should I make use of segmentation?

The use of segmentation can assist businesses in making sure that they make the most of what they can offer and don’t dilute the quality of their product by trying to be all things to all people. Sometimes it can be difficult to serve the needs and motivations of different groups effectively.

For instance, couples in pursuit of some precious time together may not want to share their space with young children. Similarly older couples seeking a bit of peace and quiet have quite different expectations to a group of young people hoping to experience some local nightlife.

Moreover, once a business has made a decision about the motivations of its target audiences it can then focus on delivering some of the added extras that will appeal to them.