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Who are your customers?

To assist businesses in being specific about their target customers, market research segments the customer base into groups, each with a distinct identity. The people within each group share common interests and characteristics and form a broad target at which a business can aim its marketing efforts. Often these are built around obvious features such as age, family structure or lifestyle but they can also contain quite detailed information about the types of experience that each segment finds appealing.

Why should I make use of segmentation?

The use of segmentation can assist businesses in making sure that they make the most of what they can offer and don’t dilute the quality of their product by trying to be all things to all people. Sometimes it can be difficult to serve the needs and motivations of different groups effectively.

For instance, couples in pursuit of some precious time together may not want to share their space with young children. Similarly older couples seeking a bit of peace and quiet have quite different expectations to a group of young people hoping to experience some local nightlife.

Moreover, once a business has made a decision about the motivations of its target audiences it can then focus on delivering some of the added extras that will appeal to them.

Which market segments are particularly important for Northern Ireland?

More information can be found about each of the key segments. Once you have decided which market segments your business is trying to attract you need to ensure that all your publicity and advertising is focused on communicating with them and that you are meeting their needs and satisfying their expectations.

NI Market Segments

Time Together
Romance, cool nightlife, gentle walking, shopping, relaxation, good quality food and drink, natural scenery, contemporary cultural experiences, landmarks.

Mature Cosmopolitans
Curiosity, authenticity, insight, exploration, eating out, natural beauty, relaxation, good quality food and drink, scenic drives, theatre experience, authentic pub experience.

Family Fun
Fun, quality time, safe, child orientated attractions and entertainment, memories, value for money offers, family accommodation, café, activities.

ROI Market Segments

Active Maximisers
Entertainment, something a bit “different”, contemporary culture, history, energetic outdoor activities, good food, “cool” hotels, unique spontaneous experiences, deals, everything is “online”.

Open to Ideas
Short relaxing breaks, escape and explore, unique experiences, value for money, plenty to see and do, accessibility, memories, adventurous activities, scenic natural surroundings.

Open-minded Explorers
City breaks, culture breaks, high quality hotels & foods, learning and discovery, local people, places & culture, scenic beauty, unique experiences, scenic beauty, natural environment.

Great Britain, Germany, France and North America

Social Energisers
Lively pubs, good food, talking to locals, festivals, entertainment, street art, comedy, the cool places to eat and shop, fun visitor attractions.

Culturally Curious
Megalithic or early Christian sites, castles, gardens, museums, art galleries, good food and wine especially local specialties, unique local festivals and events.

Great Escapers
Breath-taking landscapes, remote and exciting places, fun evening in an authentic pub, gentle exploration – walking, cycling, boating.