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The Republic of Ireland (ROI) market represents a significant tourism opportunity for Northern Ireland.

Unlocking the Growth Potential 

An independent ROI Tourism Taskforce was set up back in 2015 to look at ways to stabilise performance and drive sustainable growth from this market. The Taskforce launched a report and action plan for unlocking the full potential of the ROI Short Break Market. Download the ROI Market Recovery Taskforce Review and Strategy here (pdf). 

A complete review of the market showed that the potential was there to attract the ROI market

  • ROI already delivered a very significant number of visitors to NI, with a total of 456,000 visitors in 2016
  • The ROI market tend to visit the regions, with around 75% staying outside Belfast
  • ROI visitors are also more likely to visit outside peak season
  • The cost of reaching and influencing the ROI consumer is significantly less than when targeting the overseas markets
  • Research has shown a significant interest in taking a short break in NI at some point in the future.

Motivations for taking a short break from Republic of Ireland are similar to those from Northern Ireland with people seeking an escape from daily pressures and somewhere to spend time with family or as a couple.

Value for money and good offers are key considerations for Republic of Ireland short break takers.

Where else do ROI customers want to go?

  • Staycations in Republic of Ireland
  • Short breaks in Great Britain
  • European city breaks

Why might they go elsewhere?

  • Ease of access to other (cheaper) destinations by air
  • Concerns about safety and security
  • Hassle of converting to sterling and currency fluctuations
  • Lack of awarness of what to see and do in NI
  • Poor value of money perception