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What are they looking for?

Visitors that we call ‘Great Escapers’ are those seeking breaks that allow them to become immersed in beautiful natural environments where they can escape the stress of their daily lives and reconnect with their partners and/or young children. They are likely to be in their thirties looking for experiences that send them home completely revitalised. They want their holiday to be relaxed and easy but need some ‘wow’ moments to emphasise the special nature of their holiday together.

How do we reach them?
The Great Escapers segment uses a variety of channels to research and book holidays. They rely heavily on the internet but engage less with social media than younger audiences.

Inspiring, energetic and informed. Emphasise the opportunities to explore landscapes easily and be rewarded by beauty or exhilarated by remoteness.

The design and visuals that you use should communicate a sense of authenticity and unique beauty. Keep them simple but inspiring.

Focus on natural attractions with a sense of history and unique qualities that will make the visitor feel awestruck. You should communicate that your product will provide the customer with a holiday that provides easy ways to get to wonderful places and be rewarded afterwards with good food and drink.

Might want to experience…
Breath-taking landscapes
Remote and exciting places
Gentle exploration – walking, cycling, boating

Likely to pay more for…
Superior service
Things that reduce hassle
Something out of the ordinary

Digital travel touch points include:
BBC Travel
Travel Zoo
Secret Escape
Guardian Travel
The Sunday Times

Key statistics
Average age of 37
40% are couples, 20% are young families

At a glance
Key Words:
Slow travel, relaxation, rebalancing,
getting away from it all, connecting
with loved ones

Breath-taking landscapes, ancient sites,
remote places, landmarks, restaurants
offering fresh, local food, authentic pubs,
ease of getting away