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What are they looking for?

‘Social Energisers’ are visitors who want action-packed days as well as fun-filled nights, and who holiday in groups and couples. They are often friends or colleagues seeking a cool, exciting trip somewhere new and different. They like having a laugh and sharing adventurous new experiences but it is good if they don’t have to travel too far to locations or plan too much to get there.

How do we reach them?
The Social Energisers segment habitually uses digital channels to research and book holidays. They will want to find activities and experiences that engage them and their friends fully and feel that they are always in the loop about what is going on. The website that advertises your product needs to give a sense of all the things that customers might do. They are likely to be avid users of social media so full engagement on digital platforms is a must.

Immediate, lively and informal. Emphasise the range of experiences near your location.

The design and visuals that you use should communicate a sense of energy and enjoyment as well as being in tune with contemporary attitudes and style.

You should communicate that your product will provide the customer with a holiday that is jam-packed with things to do and that getting to and from these activities will be simple. Focus on music, pubs, restaurants and nightlife for the evening, and unusual, energetic and fun activities for the daytime – things that friends might enjoy doing together such as zorbing, boating, mountain biking etc. Identify examples of activities and include a fair amount of detail about the types of group activities that are available. Keep up to date with the programme of events and music at local bars and flag up any festivals or events that might appeal to this segment. Customers should feel that by buying in to your product they will automatically be in the loop with the main events that are taking place in the region.

Might want to experience…
Lively pubs, good food, talking to locals
Festivals, entertainment, street art, comedy
The cool places to eat and shop
Fun visitor attractions with a wow factor

Likely to pay more for…
Something out of the ordinary
Holidays offered by well-known brands
Great atmosphere and good cocktails

Digital travel touch points include:
Guardian Travel
Culture Trip
In the Know Traveller
Mr & Mrs Smith
Timeout London

At a glance
Key Words:
Excitement, energy, fun and laughter,
adventure, spontaneous, social, the
‘wow’ factor

Entertainment, festivals, contemporary
culture and music, clubbing, water
sports, the pub experience, shopping,