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What are they looking for?

The ‘Family Fun’ market segment represents family units for whom the happiness and amusement of their children is a priority. The parents know that if their children are content and occupied they will also be able to have a relaxing time. Their choices about accommodation and food are price sensitive and they want access to plenty of attractions with safety and friendliness being important. Family friendly accommodation is a must and they may ask for multiple occupancy rooms or adjoining doors.

How do we reach them?
The Family Fun segment use digital channels to research and book holidays. They may show their children various websites to enthuse them about where they are going and even encourage the children to assist in making the decision. You will need to ensure that your website looks attractive to children and makes them want to visit.
Parents will want to be reassured about the liveliness, safety and value of the products they are paying for. Happy children will mean a good holiday for them so feel free to suggest itineraries and provide information such as prices, menus etc. Social media may be important in giving parents added insight into your product and additional confidence about its suitability.

Lively, energetic and friendly. Emphasise the value and quality of your product and opportunities for children to be engaged and enthused in a safe environment where they can expend their energies and satisfy their curiosity.

The design and visuals that you use should communicate a sense of fun and vibrancy. Emphasise energy, enjoyment, interaction and excitement.

You need to communicate that your product is the perfect one for families seeking a fun time where children will be fully entertained but that there is also ample opportunity for parents to relax and enjoy their holiday. Identify the things to do and see locally that might appeal to families. This might include good parks, beaches and outdoor facilities as well as facilities that parents can turn to when the weather is poor such as attractions, cinemas or swimming pools. Events and festivals will also appeal to families and you should make them aware of good value places to eat and drink that you can personally recommend as being suitable for families. Be sure to know the ages of their kids before they arrive to help you make the best recommendations.

While they are with you, you can help them with…
Making their children the priority by providing them with as much information as you can about the venues that welcome children and in which families will feel at home.
Finding restaurants and pubs that are child friendly.
Local knowledge that will help their kids have a great time.
Accessing information about doctors, chemists etc.
Making recommendations for things to do on a rainy day.

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Fun, quality time, safe, child
orientated attractions and
entertainment, memories

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