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What are they looking for?

The ‘Mature Cosmopolitans’ market segment represents frequent break takers seeking relaxation and, importantly, a little indulgence. The segment is very similar to ‘Time Together’ but customers are slightly older, more likely to travel in groups and more likely to take in the sights of the places they visit. They stay in the best hotels and enjoy fine dining, relaxing in the hotel and at nearby scenic locations, exploring local attractions and socialising with the people with whom they have come on holiday. Although they expect quality they are interested in deals which they source through both traditional and digital media channels.

How do we reach them?
Typically the Mature Cosmopolitan segment will not use digital channels quite as much as some other groups and you will need to ensure that they have also access to printed material in order to find out more about what you are offering. They may find your product through print advertising and then use your URL to find you online. However, once they get to your website they will expect to have all their questions answered or be able to call or email to make direct contact. Establishing a conversation with the customer at this stage may be crucial in getting a booking.

Welcoming, sophisticated and knowledgeable. Emphasise the high quality of your product and opportunities for a little indulgence.

The design and visuals that you use should communicate a sense of luxury and comfort. Emphasise enjoyment, relaxation and an atmosphere of good humour and sociability.

You need to communicate that your product is the perfect one for more mature couples or groups seeking a relaxing time where they can enjoy excellent food and drink and take in some scenic locations or unique authentic experiences that are interesting but not too physically challenging. Identify the things to do and see locally that might appeal to this segment. These might include good heritage attractions, nearby villages with good pubs and restaurants and other tourist attractions that add value to the visit. Add some extra information that gives your customer insight into these attractions and makes them feel that they will have a bit of inside knowledge. Let customers know that you will make things easy for them – helping them get to places and giving them a safe and stress-free break.

While they are with you, you can help them to...
Feel that they are receiving the best possible service and getting to experience the very best of what there is to do, see, eat and drink in your area.
Experience the stories, history and personality of the places they visit and people they meet. Understand your area and give them to opportunities to find out more if they want.
Feel at home by getting to know them, finding out their interests and recommending particular local attractions.

At a glance

Key Words:
Curiosity, authenticity, insight,
exploration, eating out, natural beauty

Relaxation, good quality food and
drink, scenic drives, theatre experience,
authentic pub experience, good value,
key attractions