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What are they looking for?

The ‘Time Together’ market segment represents couples seeking romantic feel good breaks where they can spend quality time together to celebrate a special occasion or escape daily pressures. They may enjoy a taste of local culture or cool nightlife and some natural beauty but are less interested in attractions and activities. The key draw is a romantic experience with an emphasis on relaxation. They stay in high quality hotels, look for good food and are tempted by special offers and deals especially on daily deal sites such as Living Social or Groupon.

How do we reach them?

The Time Together segment will expect to use digital channels to find out more about what you are offering and your location. You will need to have an excellent website. The more information you can give them about their experience with you the more confidence they will have in your product. If you have up to date digital communications including Facebook, Twitter and YouTube and can point to good reviews and feedback from happy customers you will increase that sense of confidence. If you can provide access to a good value deal, all the better.

Warm, confident, friendly and welcoming. Emphasise romance, seclusion, relaxation and the high quality of your offering. You need to communicate that your product is the perfect one for couples seeking time away from the stresses of daily life.

The design and visuals that you use should communicate a sense of elegance, quality and confidence. The look and feel should not be too busy and should focus on scenic locations and a serene friendly atmosphere.

Identify the features local to you that might appeal to this segment. These might be gentle walks, good pubs and restaurants and scenic spots or tourist attractions that add value to the visit. Demonstrate that your product is part of an easily accessible group of activities and facilities. Let customers know that you will make things easy for them – helping them get to places and giving them a safe and stress-free break.

While they are with you, you can help them to find…

  • Special places and memorable moments to share.
  • Recommended restaurants that serve food of local provenance.
  • A more personal service for your guests in a pub or a shop.
  • Hidden gems that are not known to everyone – the walks, views and things to do that only the locals know about.

At a glance

Key Words:
Romance, cool nightlife, gentle walking,
shopping, relaxation

Good quality food and drink, natural
scenery, contemporary cultural
experiences, landmarks