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Other European Markets

As well as Great Britain, the rest of Europe offers a significant opportunity for Northern Ireland tourism businesses, in particular visitors from France and Germany. Key segments for these countries are the same as those identified for Great Britain, Culturally Curious, Great Escapers and Social Energisers – with broadly similar characteristics and some region-specific nuances.

However, the market opportunity for these regions is markedly different to Great Britain as there is limited direct access to Northern Ireland for those coming from mainland Europe. Many European visitors will have limited air access to Northern Ireland meaning that they will only arrive in Northern Ireland as part of their tour of the island of Ireland. This must be taken into account when considering how to target these regions.

The responsibility for putting the island of Ireland on the destination wish list of visitors from Europe lies with Tourism Ireland so you should familiarise yourself with how Tourism Ireland is selling the island of Ireland in the marketplace and consider the best way to position your product.