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All hail the mighty harvest

This month is all about championing the fruits of the land, our wonderful climate and the talents of our farmers

All hail the

Harvest time has been celebrated for centuries in song, poetry and prayer. It is a time for us to enjoy the fruits of the land and be thankful for our wonderful climate and the talents of our farmers. Think about how your business can combine the very best of NI food, craft and craic — reimagine the Harvest Festival or give your Hallowe’en happenings a harvest slant!

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What we know so far…

Hospitality Exchange
18 & 19 October

Hospitality Exchange is the conference and exhibition for everyone in the hospitality industry providing business insight, inspirational speakers and actionable ideas over two days at the Ramada Plaza.

NIHF Best Hotel & Guesthouse Restaurant Awards.
18 & 19 October

The winner of the Best Hotel & Guesthouse Restaurant in Northern Ireland will launch will be announced at Hospitality Exchange 2016 which takes place on 18th & 19th October 2016.