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Tourism Enterprise Development Growth Programme

Tourism Enterprise Development (TED) Programme

Tourism Enterprise Development Programme

The Covid-19 pandemic has affected the global tourism industry and Northern Ireland is no exception. While in the current climate it is difficult to make any predictions, it is unlikely that the tourism sector will return to pre-COVID revenue levels for a number of years.

It is also highly likely that the majority of demand in the short to medium term will be from closer to home markets.

We are committed to rebuilding our industry and at this time bring you our new Tourism Enterprise Development (TED) Programme.  Designed to help the tourism industry in Northern Ireland survive and recover from the unprecedented events of 2020, it comprises of a series of webinars and range of online supports across a range of topics:

  • Performance and Competitiveness

Driving competitiveness via revenue management, cost base analysis and financial planning

  • Market Retention

Capitalising on recovery by focusing on existing business whilst growing your market share.

  • Market recovery, sustainability and diversification

Understanding the markets which will aid recovery and get you back to growth in the future.

  • People Capability

Exploring skills required and legal implications for tourism employers including staff training, staff retention and managing redundancies.

  • Digital Support

Maximising technology for recovery.

At this time the primary focus is on business and financial planning. For upcoming events please visit our upcoming webinars.

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Highlights of the 2018/2019 TED Progamme.