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Guide to the Facebook Business Page

Facebook is the largest of all the social networks with 2.27 billion monthly active users on Facebook. Any business can create a page for free and invite other users to become a fan of it. To create a Facebook Business Page, you’ll firstly need to have a personal profile.

Accessing your Facebook Business Page
If you are an admin for the Page, your business page will be visible within the left hand menu. From here you will be able to access your business page, post updates as the business and edit the page as necessary.

Editing your Facebook page and settings
Within the ‘Edit Page Info’ section, you can update information including general details, contact information, location details and opening hours.
Within Page Settings you can control who can comment on your page, tagging abilities, page moderation and profanity filters, how notifications are received, page roles and more.

Facebook cover photo and profile photo
Both your cover and profile photos should be used to portray your brand identity.
Facebook Image sizes:
• Profile photo 180px by 180px
• Cover photo 828px by 315px

Facebook timeline
Admin Panel
The admin panel, located along the top of your Facebook page, provides updates for the Page Manager on the likes of notifications (likes, comments and shares in posts), private messages from Page fans and also provides access to Facebook Insights.

Status updates
Status updates let fans know what your business has been up to. Use the status update box to share news and interesting information, as well as images, offers and events to your page. Photos tend to receive the highest levels of engagement therefore be sure to include images within your status updates.

Scheduling Facebook posts
Facebook offers a number of options in terms of publishing status updates. You can publish your post straight away or you can schedule a post to go out at a later date/time.

Responding to comments on Facebook
If you would like to respond to a comment posted on your page, there are three ways to do so; ‘Like,’ ‘Reply,’ and ‘Message’.
1. To ‘Like’ a comment, click on the ‘Like’ button.
2. To reply to a comment either on your own or another page, click on ‘Reply’ below the post in question.
3. To respond to a comment with a private message, simply click on ‘Message’ below the post in question.

How to hide comments on Facebook
To delete or hide a post or hide a comment by a user simply hover over the top right corner of the post, click on the arrow and select the relevant option to either delete or hide the post/comment in question.

Facebook Insights: Reporting and Measuring
Facebook Insights provides Facebook Page admins with metrics on the performance of their Page such as likes, reach, video performance etc. and which content resonates with the audience. To see metrics on your Facebook Page, go to the Insights Dashboard in the Admin Panel.

For more information download our Facebook page management for beginner’s toolkit.