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Tourism NI hosted a series of video guides designed specifically for Northern Irish businesses working within the tourism industry.

Throughout the course of the four-part series, industry experts shared their advice and easy-to-use tips on a variety of marketing topics, including:

In partnership with Newry, Mourne and Down District Council and Southern Regional College.

Part 1: Content Marketing & Social Media Successes 

Everyone’s online these days, but is your business making the most of it? In this video we’ll be exploring why we need to create engaging content in the first place, how we go about creating it and the importance of developing a content marketing strategy that will enable you to deliver relevant content to the right audience via the right digital channels.

For more information, download Tourism NI’s Online Marketing Toolkits, designed to help you get the most out of being online.

Online Tools:


Part 2: Understanding Digital
Continuing the online theme, this episode of Tourism NI's Video Guide series will be looking at understanding digital; the range of online channels available, the customer journey to booking a short break and offering some tips to help you gain attention in a cluttered market.

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Part 3: Discovering Your Brand & Making It Work

In this episode of Tourism NI's video guide series, we'll be looking at all things branding, answering questions, like, what is a brand? How can I create a brand for my business? How can a brand help you attract customers?

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Part 4: Benefits of Business Partnerships

In the final of the series, this episode of Tourism NI's Video Guide series will be looking at how tourism businesses can collaborate with other businesses locally to successfully promote themselves on an international stage.

What makes some tourism destinations more successful than others? We’ll be exploring what sets them apart and what we can learn from other regions. We’ll be giving you some advice on how to create partnerships and overcome the inevitable challenges of working together.

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