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  1. What we do

    What we do

    Tourism Northern Ireland (Tourism NI) is responsible for the development of tourism and the marketing of Northern Ireland as a tourist destination to domestic t...

  2. Organisation Structure

    Organisation Structure

    Tourism NI’s Board is responsible for ensuring the organisation achieves the aims and objectives as set by the Tourism Minister and the Department for the Econo...

  3. Careers


    Working for Tourism NI provides our people with an opportunity to be involved in the development and promotion of local tourism at a strategic level.

  4. Who's Who

    Who's Who

    Find out about the six business areas within Tourism NI; Marketing, Product Development, Corporate Development, Business Support and Events, Finance and Organis...

  5. Strategic documents

    Strategic documents

    Documents that set the context for Tourism NI's corporate objectives and the strategic direction for the local tourism industry.

  6. Corporate and Operating Plans

    Corporate and Operating Plans

    Tourism Northern Ireland's Corporate Plans from 2011-2015 are supplemented by annual progress reports which highlight the key outcomes achieved in 2008-2009 aga...

  7. Annual Reports

    Annual Reports

    Tourism Northern Ireland’s Annual Reports give details of Tourism Northern Ireland’s performance throughout each financial year. Our annual reports include rem...

  8. Customer Focus

    Customer Focus

    The TNI Customer Charter and Customer Service Standards have been developed to inform our customers of the quality of the service they are entitled to when deal...

  9. Environmental Sustainability Policy

    Environmental Sustainability Policy

    Our Core Values

  10. Visitor Information Plan

    Visitor Information Plan

    The Visitor Information Plan for NI seeks to maximise the potential opportunities of the changing scope of visitor information and the opportunities provided by...

  11. Governance


    The corporate governance of Tourism NI is subject to specific rules and procedures as detailed in the Management Statement and Financial Memorandum. This has b...

  12. Freedom of Information

    Freedom of Information

    The Freedom of Information (FOI) Act (2000) gives you the right to ask us for all the recorded information we have on any subject. Anyone can request informatio...

  13. Industry associations and bodies

    Industry associations and bodies

    Links to a range of tourism industry associations and bodies where you can find more information.

  14. Financial Information

    Financial Information

    Financial information relating to projected and actual income and expenditure, procurement, contracts and financial audit:

  15. Publication Scheme

    Publication Scheme

    In brief: As well as responding to requests for information, we must publish information proactively. The Freedom of Information Act (2000) requires every publi...

  16. Community Planning

    Community Planning

    Councils in Northern Ireland have a statutory duty to lead on Community Planning as identified in the Local Government Act (Northern Ireland) 2014

  17. Privacy


    When we collect your information, we take care that it is handled securely and processed in accordance with the law. This policy explains when and why we collec...

  18. Equality


    Section 75 of the Northern Ireland Act (1998) aims to change the practices of government and public authorities so that equality of opportunity and good relatio...