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Customer Focus

The TNI Customer Charter and Customer Service Standards have been developed to inform our customers of the quality of the service they are entitled to when dealing with Tourism NI as an organisation.


The Customer Charter is a guide on our service standards and on the delivery of our products and services.

Our aim is to grow the value of tourism to the Northern Ireland economy, and we believe that we can only be successful by working in collaboration with our customers.

Tourism NI are committed to providing effective and efficient services in a fair and equitable way, acting with integrity and striving for excellence in service delivery.

We will:

Treat you fairly, and in a polite and friendly manner;

Work with you to identify your business needs and provide support where we can, ensuring that public funds are correctly used;

Provide advice or information that is focused on delivering value to your business;

Explain what information we require from you, estimated timescales and the form of support you are likely to receive. If you are unsuccessful in receiving support we will inform you as soon as possible along with the reasoning behind the decision

Keep in regular contact and let you know as soon as possible if we need further information or reasons for any delays.

In line with our Corporate Values you can expect us to:

Act with Integrity, Passion and Excellence

Deliver through Leadership, Innovation and Collaboration.

We expect you to:

Provide information that has been requested within agreed timescales;

Let us know as soon as possible if you believe you will be unable to meet agreed timelines or if your circumstances or plans change

Understand that there are conditions that come with being provided support from public funds, and there will be a binding obligation on you to fulfil them

Treat staff with respect.

Maintaining and improving customer focus:

Tourism NI will continually seek customer feedback on our services and conduct regular evaluations to assess customer satisfaction and we will use this feedback to inform continuous improvement activity.

We are committed to the ongoing review of internal systems and processes to ensure we collect and analyse relevant customer data used to inform decisions regarding the delivery of customer services.

We will regularly measure our performance in relation to service standards and use this data to identify where service delivery processes can be improved.

We are committed to equality. Find out more about our equality commitment.



Tourism NI Staff:

We will treat you fairly, act with integrity and deliver through a collaborative approach

We will be polite, friendly and deal with requests for information and services in a timely manner

We will endeavour to understand and focus on your needs as a customer to continuously improve and ultimately deliver excellent customer service.

Calling in Person at our offices:

If you have an appointment at our offices, we aim to meet you within 10 minutes of your appointment time or contact you if there will be an unavoidable delay.

Contacting Tourism NI by Telephone: 

We will endeavour to promptly answer 90% of all telephone calls when you contact us on our main enquiry number(s)

Contacting Tourism NI by E-mail:

We will respond to 90% of business related external correspondence to Tourism NI within 3 working days (applies to the and addresses)

Where we cannot offer a full response within 3 working days we will acknowledge email correspondence and inform you of the expected timescale for a full response.

Contacting Tourism NI in Writing: 

We will respond to 90% of business related external written correspondence to Tourism NI within 10 working days.

We will provide a response to all Freedom of Information (FOI) requests within 20 working days.

Prompt Payment of Invoices: 

We aim to pay 90% of valid supplier invoices within 10 working days of receipt.


We will acknowledge all formal complaints within 3 working days and respond to your complaint within 10 working days.


For further information on the Customer Charter & Customer Service Standards please contact:



David Daley



Business Planning & Improvement Manager



Linum Chambers

Bedford Square

Bedford Street




028 9044 1565