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Visitor Information Plan

The Visitor Information Plan for NI seeks to maximise the potential opportunities of the changing scope of visitor information and the opportunities provided by the existing Visitor Information Centre network.

Visitor Information Centres

The Northern Ireland Visitor Information Centre (VIC) network was established by Tourism NI in 1994.  The VIC network was established to provide a coordinated, consistent and improved source of high quality visitor information to international and domestic tourists.  Tourism NI plays a key role in coordinating the VIC Network and providing a range of services to the network, including:

  • Setting operating standards
  • Maintaining corporate identity
  • Design guidance
  • Quality assurance services
  • Provision of business planning support
  • Training
  • Provision of promotional literature
  • Grant assistance (subject to availability)
  • Marketing support 


For further information contact Jayne O'Neile (

Tourist Signing – Brown Signs

High quality signing of attractions and facilities helps visitors orientate themselves when in unfamiliar surroundings and it can play a significant role in the quality of the visitor experience in Northern Ireland.  The increase in tourist numbers and the development of new visitor attractions and facilities means providing adequate signing has become a very important element of visitor servicing.

White-on-brown tourist signs constitute one part of the overall range of direction signs. Tourist signs are directional traffic signs shown as white letters on a brown background and may include symbols relating to the type of destination being signed.

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