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Bushmills Inn

Bushmills Inn

Local Government District Tourism Statistics

Tourism statistics are presented for each of the 11 Local Government Districts (based on overnight trips).

TNI has produced summary LGD Reports that contains key data (e.g. overnight trips, nights and spend, reason for visit and origin of visitors) for all 11 LGDs.  The most recent report is based on 2015-2017 data released by the Northern Ireland Statistics and Research Agency (NISRA).

TNI has also produced 11 Local Government District (LGD) Fact Cards based on 2015-2017 data released by NISRA.

From the Fact Cards you can find out ‘at a glance’ about the number of overnight trips taken by NI residents and visitors from outside NI for each of the 11 LGDs, including spend data, where visitors came from, their reason for visiting, as well as accommodation statistics (stock and occupancy), tourism job numbers and visits to visitor attractions in each of the 11 LGDs.