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St Patrick's Trail at Slemish

St Patrick's Trail at Slemish

Summary reports published by Tourism NI

Annual and Quarterly Tourism Performance Statistics are published by the Northern Ireland Statistics and Research Agency (NISRA). Tourism Northern Ireland produces reports to provide an overview of these and other statistics, together with competitor performance and industry sentiment.

The latest tourism data released by NISRA shows that performance during Jan-Sep 2016 was positive, overall. Northern Ireland attracted more visitors, who stayed longer and spent more.

Almost 3.5 million overnight trips were taken by visitors and Northern Ireland residents (2% more than in the same period 2015). They stayed for 12.6 million nights (+3%), generating over £658 million, £57 million more than during the same period in 2015 (+9%). This equates to some £2.4 million spent by tourists every day during the period. GB and other overseas markets performed better, in the main, and contributed all of the increased revenue.

More of the Jan-Sep trips were holiday trips (+5%), with the 1.67 million holiday trips representing almost half (47%) of all trips during this period (up from 46% in 2015). More holiday visitors were attracted from each key market area. The number of trips to visit friends and/or relatives also grew (+3%)