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Tourism Trends

The 148th Open

Tourism trends

Tourism performance trends - current and historical figures are presented for total trips and holiday trips by market area and data on nights and spend are also provided.

Tourism matters. It is a key driver of the global economy. Northern Ireland has fought hard for its share of the growing travel and tourism market and has done extremely well.

In 2018 2.8 million out of state visitors (visitors from outside NI) and over 2 million NI residents took an overnight trip in NI. During 2018 visitors from all markets combined spend an unprecedented £968m in NI (£42m more compared with 2017).  In 2000 we welcomed less than 1.5m overnight out of state visitors and if we look back to 1972 this figure drops to less than half a million*.

*Figures are not directly comparable due to changes in methodologies used to measure tourism performance