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Irish Feast Food Tours - Case Study

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Posted by Tourism NI

Published January 9, 2018

Irish Feast Food Tours offer three fun and engaging food tours along the Causeway Coastal Route.

Irish Feast Food Tours - Case Study

What started out as North Coast Walking tours, a tour with a simple, historical walk through Ballycastle, has evolved into Irish Feast Food Tours with the help of Tourism NI and the collaboration of local tourism groups and food networks.

Founder Caroline Redmond has a passion for local history and culture combined with a love of good food. Combining these passions, she created Irish Feast Tours and is persuading people to love the-Causeway Coastal Route, its locals and its produce as much as she does.

The three tours offered are the Ballycastle Food Tour, the Bushmills Food Tour and the Rathlin Food Tour. The company prides itself on creating unique tours and trails in any location where there is a burgeoning foodie culture, uncovering hidden gems along the way.

During the tours, you meet the passionate people who make, bake, catch and grow our food whilst creating happy memories that will last a lifetime.

What sets this food experience apart is that, rather than just walking around villages pointing out little oddities you might not otherwise notice, Irish Feast’s tour guides are foodie fanatics, historical nerds and completely unique story tellers. They blend the past, present and future of food and drink in Ireland into each delicious tour and encourage you to enjoy every last bite.

Where possible, Irish Feast work with local festivals, promoting them and spreading the love of local food and slow tourism in the most delicious way possible.

When asked how collaboration has helped grow the business, Caroline responded, “The Causeway Coastal Cluster has helped Irish Feast by encouraging me to meet other business owners nearby, learning from them as well as taking comfort from the overall positivity of the tourism provider’s area and its growth potential.”  

“The CCAG Food Collaboration network has helped with my knowledge of local suppliers as well as enabling me to get in front of potential buyers via e.g. Belfast Christmas Market, and other 'foodie' places that as a micro SME, would have simply been out of my reach.”

Commenting on the value of cluster groups, Caroline says, “Joining a cluster group opens up options and business opportunities that you maybe never even considered. For example, through the Glens of Antrim cluster, I partnered with Cloud Nine Yoga to create a yoga and food tour of Ballycastle which was very well received and will hopefully run again soon.”

“All of this strengthened my skills and customer reach as well as theirs. ’Together we're stronger' really applies to the cluster groups and I would highly recommend joining one.  All of this collaboration and knowledge sharing is excellent for businesses and visitors, encouraging even more positivity and economic growth.”

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To download the Irish Feast case study, click here.

Posted by Tourism NI

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