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Are you having difficulty sourcing staff in your business?

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Published January 3, 2019

Respond to the Migration Advisory Committee Shortage Occupation List Survey - Deadline 6th January

Are you having difficulty sourcing staff in your business?

You may be aware the Migration Advisory Committee (MAC) have put out a call for evidence to support their review of the Shortage Occupation List (SOL), this closes on 6th January 2019. This is a reminder for Tourism Businesses to consider making a response.

The MAC wants to encourage Northern Irish stakeholders to respond to their call for evidence. Businesses can now take the opportunity to contribute to the revision of the Shortage Occupation List, which will be crucial once freedom of movement ends after the UK exits the EU. If you are experiencing difficulty in recruiting labour to business critical posts, you may wish to consider making a response to this call.

Details about this call, what you can do, and how business can submit evidence is provided below.  

Shortage Occupation List Review 2018: Call for evidence

1. What’s happened?
In June 2018, the Government commissioned the Migration Advisory Committee (MAC) to carry out a full review of the composition of the Shortage Occupation List (SOL). The MAC has now put out a ‘Call for evidence’ which closes on the 6th January 2019. The evidence provided by stakeholders will help to determine which job titles are in shortage and the MAC are expected to report back their findings in the Spring 2019.

2What is the Shortage Occupation List (SOL)?
The SOL comprises occupations and job titles assessed to be in shortage either across the UK, or in Scotland only, where it would be sensible to fill jobs through non-EEA migration.

Currently, to be eligible for the SOL occupations and job titles must:

  • show demonstrable national shortages that cannot be filled from within the domestic labour market;
  • be skilled to the required level set by the Home Office; and
  • demonstrate that it is sensible to seek to fill vacancies with migrant labour from outside of the EEA.

3. Why is the SOL of interest to business?
Job titles on the SOL do not require business sponsors to undertake the 28 day Resident Labour Market Test (RLMT) to advertise roles within the UK first, or meet the current five year salary threshold of £35,500 for settlement when recruiting talent from overseas. This means that business can be agile in their recruitment for key skilled roles.

4What do I need to do?

Businesses should provide information on the shortage occupations they are experiencing by responding to the call for evidence through the short online survey at Home Office Surveys 

Posted by Tourism NI

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