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Mahons Hotel Celebrates 135 Years in Business with Open House Event

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Published November 26, 2018

The Mahon Family have been welcoming guests to their family hotel since 1883. During 2019 the Mahon Family will celebrate the success of their hotel with a year long programme of events to acknowledge this impressive achievement. Last Thursday Night 22nd November 2018, the celebrations began with an an Open House event drawing in guests from across the community and further afield.

Mahons Hotel Celebrates 135 Years in Business with Open House Event

Joe Mahon explains “We are very proud to be able to say that the hotel has been in the Mahon name for 135 years. The hotel has seen two world wars and the turning of two centuries.

On the night we had a tour of the hotel, where many of the local community were able to see the developments that have taken place with our accommodation over more recent years. 

My grandfather Joe Mahon bought the hotel back in 1883. At the time it was a small hotel, with just 8 bedrooms.  Several members of our family have been born in the hotel and there was a time when it was known as the Irvinestown Maternity Ward! In fact for our Open House, we converted Room 4 (where I was born) into a nursery.

We’ve had our own blend of tea since my father had the hotel.  On the night we also had a tea leaf reader who enlightened guests of their future paths.

In addition we have installed 25 photographs telling the story of the Mahon family and Irvinestown over 13 decades and offered guests a drink from the bar in exchange for a shilling.  As it turned out we gathered up quite a few shillings!

Our Open House event is just the start, we hope to have a family reunion early next year and a extra special staff party where we would like to see as many employees gathering together for a night of craic. 

For further information on our 135th year of celebrations, visit  or visit our facebook page.


Posted by Tourism NI

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