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Tourism NI is looking for your interesting stories & exciting news

Digital tourism

Posted by Tourism NI

Published January 29, 2019

Tell us about your business, product or event and we could give it the exposure it deserves.

Tourism NI is looking for your interesting stories & exciting news

Montalto Estate

We can share your content across our trade teams and media contacts, as well as with consumers through our newsletter, social media channels and on 

What are we looking for?
We want quirky stories, interesting facts, unusual tales and amazing accolades!

Across all our channels we aim to showcase the best of Northern Ireland, helping tourists gain an understanding of the amazing people, places and opportunities they can engage with here. Your contribution is invaluable – ensuring we constantly share the best and freshest content. Send your story along with a good image to and if we decide to use it we’ll be in contact, letting you know when and how it will be shared with the world.

Please note that we can’t guarantee usage, but submissions stand the best chance of being selected when they feature a beautiful image (breath-taking landscapes, interesting people, eye-catching architecture & animals) and short story with a hook (something which transforms the average into the awe-inspiring and interesting).

If you have something which meets the brief, or want to run something past our team, email

At present we are looking for content related to St Patrick’s Day

For domestic audiences, the St Patrick’s Day bank holiday offers an opportunity to spend a day with family/friends and enjoy a staycation. Last year our website received in excess of 143k visits in the three weeks prior to the 17th March, and this year we’re looking to deliver high quality content for those interested in making the most of the long weekend. If you’d like your business to be included in our round-up of places to visit, where to eat, accommodation deals and things to do, send through your submissions now to with the title ‘St Patrick’s Day Content submission’.

*Please note: Submission does not guarantee inclusion in any or all of our marketing.


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