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Dementia-friendly masterclass for retail and hospitality staff: Recognising the signs

If your business operates within the retail and hospitality sector, and delivering first-class customer service is your business's priority, especially when it comes to working with customers with dementia, then you may be interested in signing up for our free masterclass.

The session will help you take simple, practical and inexpensive steps to ensuring that your customers, especially those with dementia, can access your business service with ease.

Delivered in partnership with Belfast Health Development Unit, this masterclass will help you:
•develop your knowledge and understanding of dementia
•be able to identify customers who may have dementia, and ways to assist them and their family members
•learn the skills to help you relate, communicate and support customers with dementia
•become a dementia friend.

Please note that all participants will receive a certificate at the end of this masterclass.