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Digital Tourism is part of Digital DNA, a series of events aimed at inspiring Northern Ireland businesses to embrace digital technologies to fuel growth both locally and internationally.

Some of the world’s leading tourism & hospitality experts will deliver engaging and thought provoking discussions and workshops. They will demonstrate how you can keep your business at the forefront of tourism and hospitality in Northern Ireland by showcasing how they do it for themselves or their clients.

Digital Technology plays a huge role in the development and growth of these sectors and Northern Ireland's tourism industry deserves to be at the forefront of development in a booming market.

Themes for this year’s Digital DNA Tourism conference will include digital strategy, clustering, interpretation, video, Facebook, SEO/PPC, data, mobile and contact marketing.

Must see Attraction:

Justin Reid
Head of Destinations, Trip Advisor EMEA

Trip Advisor has transformed how the tourism and hospitality sector operates, changing how customer testimonials and reviews are collated & administered, all within the public eye. It has become the go-to for holiday makers and visitors both domestic and international to review and decide on purchasing from your business.

Justin has a wealth of experience in managing and building a pan-European team to aid Destination Marketing Organisations - big and small - to increase awareness, interest, and ultimately travel to destinations around the EMEA region. Find out more on how Trip Advisor has harnessed digital technology to aid the development of the Tourism & Hospitality sector.

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