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Developing Booking Terms & Conditions for Accommodation Providers

Developing Booking Terms and Conditions for Tourist Accommodation Providers

Why are they needed?

If you run a tourist accommodation business it is good practice to have established Terms & Conditions (T&Cs) for all your bookings. This is because; the T&Cs (if provided to guests in advance of their booking) will form a legal contract between you and your guest.

Having the correct written T&Cs for your business, large or small, is a critical safeguard that you should have in place from the moment you start trading.  Your T&Cs will apply to all bookings whether made via your website or by telephone, email or in person (provided a copy has been given to individuals in advance of the booking). 

What are they?

T&Cs simply spell out to your guests from the outset, your terms for doing business.  They set out the rules and regulations that guests must adhere to.  As your business grows and evolves, it is also important to keep your T&Cs up to date and relevant.

Benefits of having T&Cs

  • Provides you with trading certainty.
  • Enhances customer relationships through clear communication.
  • Creates efficiency by ensuring consistency, in turn helping you to provide good customer service.
  • Minimises your risk of legal disputes and enables you to enforce your rights.
  • Can be tailored to meet your business needs and to comply with applicable laws.
  • Improves cash flow, by including clear requirements regarding payment timeframes and the consequences of late payments etc.

Top tips for setting out your T&Cs

  • Read T&Cs on other properties like yours.
  • Draw up a list of the key services that you are offering your customers.
  • Think of all the scenarios of what could possibly go wrong and then set out what you would do in each case.
  • Put yourself in the shoes of your customers and make sure the language is at their level and user friendly.  Hiding everything on one page in the smallest font possible will not endear you to your customers.
  • Create a new page for your T&Cs, and upload it to your website.
  • Don’t forget that this should be something that you revisit and update, as and when required.
  • When in doubt, seek help.   Ask for advice from your mentor, a professional or fellow business owner.


To find out more download the full ‘Guide to Developing Tourist Accommodation Booking T&Cs’ here