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Fire safety - tourist accommodation

Fire safety regulations apply to all business premises including tourist accommodation and visitor attractions. Under these regulations it is the responsibility of the business owner or anyone who is in control of the premises to ensure fire prevention and risk reduction measures are in place.

Fire Risk Assessments

Fire risk assessments identify the key measures needed to safeguard the safety of employees, visitors/guests and other persons who may be affected in the event of a fire in your premises.  It involves undertaking an in depth look at your premises and the people likely to use them in order to consider the risk of a fire happening. It also involves identifying the measures which need to be in place to prevent a fire happening and to ensure everyone’s’ safety.

A fire risk assessment should be undertaken by the business owner or someone appointed them to carry out the assessment and who is considered competent, i.e. someone who has sufficient training and experience or knowledge. It does not have to be carried out by a consultant or fire safety company, but you can choose to use these services if you prefer.

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Note: this is for illustrative purposes only and is not intended to be a model of best practice. The template is intended as an example to show the level of detail that may be recorded.

Further fire safety information is available from Health and Safety Works NI (the small business advisory service of the Health and Safety Executive for Northern Ireland).  You can contact Health and Safety Works NI on:  

Tel: 0300 020 0030


Inspection Requirements for Conference Centres

The following sets out the minimum requirements for Conference Centre establishments under Licensing (Requirements for Conference Centre) Regulations (Northern Ireland) 1997.  The premises must have a specialised conference brochure or otherwise advertise the provision of conference facilities as one of the main businesses offered by the premises.

The premises must:

  1. Have a minimum of two conference rooms, one of which must be capable of seating at least 60 persons in addition to providing adequate space for the person(s) addressing the gathering.
  2. Be capable of providing a main table meal for up to 60 delegates simultaneously.
  3. The conference rooms must be used exclusively or mainly as meeting rooms.
  4. The premises must have at least one named member of staff with designated responsibility for handling conference enquiries and arrangements.
  5. Adequate equipment for use at conferences must be available on the premises.

For more information please contact Tourism NI's Quality and Standards Unit:

Tel: 028 9044 1545 / 1686