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Use of CCTV in Tourist Accommodation

Over the past few years, the use of CCTV in tourist accommodation has become more prevalent, as property owners seek to safeguard their property and that of their guests.

However, it is very important to get the right balance between justifiable reasons for surveillance and a guests’ right to privacy

According to the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO), when “CCTV is directed at viewing and/or recording the activities of individuals, most uses of CCTV by organisations or businesses will be covered by the Data Protection Act 2018. The ICO has issued a code of practice that provides recommendations on the use of CCTV systems to help organisations comply.”

As a guide, when using CCTV in tourist accommodation, a property should usually:

  • Be registered with the ICO. 
  • Use CCTV in public areas only.
  • Display a CCTV notice.
  • Have a data protection and/or CCTV policy on its website or otherwise.


A CCTV checklist can be found here:

This information is provided as a guide and is not designed to be definitive. Each business has its own requirements, depending on the type of accommodation and use of CCTV. For precise or detailed information, or on the legal implications for you in particular, you should consult the Information Commissioner’s Officer or seek independent legal advice.

If you have concerns about use of CCTV in tourist accommodation, or about how your data has been processed, you should raise your concerns with the CCTV user in writing. A template letter can be found here:

If they are unable or unwilling to resolve the complaint, you can make a complaint to the Information Commissioner's Office at: