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Facilitated by Ciaran Connolly, ProfileTree

Google provides a range of tools that can be used to help in destination marketing. These can be used to tell your brand story, share your experience and to inspire your visitors as well as help generate new leads and sales for your business.  During this workshop you will learn how to:

  • Audit your current business profile in Google and take away an action plan on how to improve the quality and completeness of your destinations information.
  • Discuss ideas for Content Creation that will help extend the reach of your business through the Google network.
  • Optimise your Google My Business Listing to maximise the opportunity for your business through Google Maps.
  • Understand the impact on search engine rankings for your website and business and how to positively improve this.


This workshop is perfect for any business owner or marketing team who want to improve their destination's profile, ranking and leads generated from Google. The focus will be on Google Maps and Google My Business - how to optimise and generate maximise sales leads from these free forms of organic traffic for any business.

To be eligible for this workshop you should have a Google Maps profile, be keen to grow your business through search engines and be willing to dedicate 2-5 hours per month in maximising the opportunity available.

Please note - For all workshops there will be a number of compulsory qualifying questions to complete as part of the registration process.  You will receive a follow up email in the coming weeks to confirm if you have been successful in registering for the requested workshop(s).

Registration for this event is limited to one representative per organisation.

This event is part of the Tourism Enterprise Development (TED) Programme 2019/20.

The TED Programme has been developed to help you gain access to the training and resources your business needs to get to the next level, and aims to address the gaps and opportunities for growth as identified by you.