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What are they looking for?

The ‘Culturally Curious’ market segment represents typically older people (45+) who want to broaden their minds and expand their experience by exploring new landscape, history and culture. They are interested in seeing all that a place has to offer and they want their experience to be authentic. They are independent, active and keen to see and do things that are out of the ordinary and they won’t mind having to make a little extra effort to reap the rewards.

How do we reach them?
The Culturally Curious segment uses a variety of channels to research and book holidays. They may use social media but are not heavy sharers.

Knowledgeable, direct and positive. Emphasise the quantity and quality of things to do near you that have an interesting angle in terms of culture, heritage and history.

The design and visuals that you use should communicate a sense of quality and authenticity. Keep them clear, simple and stylish.

You should communicate that your product provides opportunities to explore the region’s attractions in depth and to find the unusual, the authentic and the unexpected on their holiday. Focus on countryside, historic sites and unique opportunities to get off the beaten track. Identify examples of key attractions that your customers might want to explore and demonstrate how their days can be built around these attractions incorporating walks, food and drink and visits to attractions. Include plenty of information on your marketing material that relates directly to the cultural assets of your region and specifically how you will enable your customers to explore and understand the culture in detail.

Might want to experience…
Megalithic or early Christian sites
Castles, gardens, museums, art galleries
Good food and wine especially
local specialities
Unique local festivals and events

Likely to pay extra for...
Something out of the ordinary
Superior service
A human guide with real insight
Environmentally friendly features

Digital travel touch points include:
Guardian Travel
Culture Trip
In the Know Traveller
British Travel Blog
Mr & Mrs Smith
Timeout London

Key statistics
Average age of 60
38% couples or retired couples

At a glance
Key Words:
Curiosity, authenticity, insight,  independence, immersion in culture, off the beaten track, exploration

Broadening the mind, active sightseeing, historical buildings and attractions,
World Heritage sites, events, artisan food and local specialities