Feedback and complaints

Tourism NI is committed to providing a high quality service to all our customers. However, there may be occasions when problems arise and you do not receive the service you expect. We want to know when an issue has arisen so that we can put it right.

What is a complaint?

A complaint could be about any aspect of our services. For instance:

  • When we do not deliver a service on time
  • When we provide you with the wrong information
  • When you receive a poor quality service and/or
  • When you have an issue with the service provided by a member of staff.

Complaints received by Tourism NI will be treated seriously and will be thoroughly and objectively investigated in a timely manner.

What is not a complaint?

The following will not be dealt with under this Complaints Policy

  • An information request
  • Appeals under a funding scheme
  • Appeals of a business decision
  • A routine first time request for a service
  • An attempt to reopen a previously concluded complaint or to have a complaint reconsidered where we have already given our final decision.

Such requests will be dealt with as routine business issues and you should contact the relevant business area.

How to make a complaint

We are keen to ensure that all complaints about our services are dealt with in a satisfactory way and are resolved as quickly as possible.

Often an issue can be resolved quickly and easily by contacting the person with whom you have been dealing. You can do this in person, by telephone, e-mail or letter.

If you wish to make a complaint you can do so in the following ways:

  • Submit your complaint through our online Enquiry Form and select the ‘Complaint about services provided directly by Tourism NI’ option from the drop down menu in the Enquiry section of the Form.
  • Or, submit your complaint in writing to Tourism NI, Floors 10-12, Linum Chambers, Bedford Square, Bedford Street, Belfast, BT2 7ES.

You can download our full Complaints Policy below where you will find information on what happens next once we receive your complaint and what to do if you are not satisfied with the response you receive.


All feedback is welcomed, and all complaints are dealt with professionally and in confidence.

Tourism NI Feedback and Complaints:

This form is for a complaint you have in relation to a service or services you have received directly from Tourism NI.

If you have a complaint about tourist facilities such as accommodation, amenities, services, etc. which are NOT provided by Tourism NI, you should put your complaint to the service provider in the first instance.  

Tourist Accommodation (Hotels, Guest Houses, etc.)

Please be advised that Tourism NI is unable to provide advice on contractual agreements or booking terms and conditions.  You may wish to contact the Citizens Advice Bureau ( or Consumerline ( to be advised of what course of action you can take.

For any complaints related to the standard of accommodation, please contact our Quality & Standards Team at Tourism NI:

Tourist Services  (Visitor attractions, other tourist amenities etc.)

Please contact our Visitor Information Team at Tourism NI:

* Please note that whilst Tourism NI has no statutory remit to resolve third party complaints we will work with service providers to influence positive change.