Northern Ireland Business Events - Integrated Strategy 2030

The Integrated Business Events Strategy for Northern Ireland seeks to outline the potential growth and the necessary journey for industry to take. With the implementation of a new business plan focused on this area.


Tourism has always played an important role in Northern Ireland’s economy. While consumer events such as sporting events and concerts draw crowds and stimulate the local economy, business events play an important role in showcasing the region as a place to visit, study, live, work, do business and invest in.

It is estimated the expansion of the business events sector will generate up to 2,000 new jobs across Northern Ireland. Despite these positive figures, it is important to understand that the benefits go far beyond the traditional measurements of the financial impact on Northern Ireland in terms of delegate spend, room nights, retail, food, etc.

Northern Ireland’s business events sector will significantly increase the number of conferences, meetings and incentives taking place:

  • Contributing to the country’s economic development and transformation,
  • Positioning Northern Ireland as a destination of reference for unique, authentic and memorable events
  • Supporting Northern Ireland’s economic development, higher education, research and tourism objectives


Northern Ireland will be recognised as the most authentic and exciting business events destination in the UK, offering a variety of opportunities for unforgettable and valuable experiences to conferences, meetings and incentive delegates.

Key Recommendations

  1. Northern Ireland possesses a solid foundation to develop the business events sector
  2. Develop a brand strategy for business events
  3. Allocate appropriate sales and marketing resources to business events
  4. Leverage Northern Ireland’s intellectual capital
  5. Synergies between business events and economic development organisations
  6. Business development activities focused on economic sectors
  7. Secure greater visibility in key markets
  8. Build Northern Ireland’s presence in international markets
  9. Develop “initiated” and recurring events in key sectors
  10. Invest in research, measurement and monitoring of the business events sector
  11. Develop clear policies around business events development
  12. Ensure service levels are up to international standards
  13. Change the perception that Northern Ireland has limited air access

Roles and Responsibilities

Tourism Northern Ireland will work in partnership with the strategic partners on the following areas;

  • Branding
  • Initiated Meetings / Destination Partnerships
  • Capacity Building
  • Legacy programme
  • Sustainability
  • Client Advisory Board
  • Association Development
  • Marketing & Communications
  • Strategic Relationships
  • Incentive Sales


To achieve the ambitious goals set out in this strategy and leverage the wider economic development, education and research benefits of business events, Northern Ireland will be required to significantly increase its investment in this segment.

To read the full strategy you can download the document below.

NI Business Events Integrated Strategy 2030

Business events bring with them a wide range of benefits in terms of jobs, attraction of inward investment, a legacy of knowledge exchange, and positive societal outcomes.

Conal Harvey Chair of the Steering Group