Visitor Pledge - Three Small Steps. One Giant Difference.

The visitor pledge has been created to encourage safe and responsible tourism across Northern Ireland while supporting local businesses. Whether you live here or are a visitor - Northern Ireland is ours to care for. Let's all take a few simple steps to keep Northern Ireland beautiful now and for generations to come.

What are the small steps?

Support our local businesses by shopping local

  1. I will support the local business community. I will enjoy local attractions and culture and choose to support local produce, food and drink.
  2. I will shop local to enjoy the best products and support Northern Ireland's makers and businesses.
  3. I will respect the locals and their resources by taking care when exploring the great outdoors, and bring and wear the right equipment.
  4. I will plan ahead. I will book ahead to help places prepare for my visit.

Protect the natural beauty of our landscape.

  1. I will guard its natural beauty.
  2. I will not disturb the incredible wildlife that has roamed this beautiful land for centuries.
  3. I will tread lightly to protect their habitats.
  4. I will be considerate to farmland and livestock.
  5. I will leave no trace. I will take only photos and leave only footprints.
  6. I will be outdoor smart. I will plan ahead, park responsibly and respect local rules.
  7. I will not disturb the land and will keep to marked roads, tracks and paths.
  8. I will keep dogs on a lead when needed and leave gates as I've found them.

Preserve for future generations.

  1. I will leave the car at home when I can and walk, cycle, paddle or use public transport instead.
  2. I will hire an electric vehicle where possible and take advantage of the many charge points that are now available in Northern Ireland.
  3. I will check the green credentials of all the businesses I use to travel, stay and explore.
  4. I will enjoy the pure waters that run from the tap, not single-use bottles.
  5. I will conserve energy. I will switch off the lights and look up to the sky.
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How can my business get involved?

Sign the pledge to take care of Northern Ireland

The first thing you can do, is to take the pledge to take care of Northern Ireland! You can make the pledge as your business, or as an individual. You can sign it here.

Share your support on social media

Inspire your family, friends, colleagues and visitors to follow in your footsteps. When you take the pledge, make sure to share it on social media with the hashtag #MakeAGiantDifference.

If you want to share a social story on Instagram or Snap Chat, search and use our Giphy in the sticker section with ‘Make A Giant Difference’.

Share our video

You can share this video on your social channels to or your website to let people know that you have signed the pledge to take care of Northern Ireland. Here is the sharable link:

Download and use our sticker

Add this sticker to your website, menu or printed materials to show your support. Visitor Pledge Sticker (Save As)Visitor Pledge Sticker (Small).png