29 Nov 2023

Leaner & Greener Refresh Webinar

This session aims to help you re-focus and prioritise and, most importantly, to cut costs within your business.

Last year, hundreds of tourism businesses attended the first phase of our Leaner and Greener workshops and webinars, accessing practical worksheets to help businesses take steps to save money on their energy costs, food waste, water and general waste. These focused sessions were packed with tips on how to reduce your bottom line in this continuing challenging operating environment.

This refresher course with Tina O’Dwyer - The Tourism Space, highlights some of the key messages and support available on our Leaner & Greener hub.

What will you learn? 

During the webinar Tina joins the dots to help you reprioritise, refocus and cut costs in your business as you continue on your Leaner & Greener Journey.  Tina shares a range of practical suggestions with local case studies alongside signposting to a host of useful resources.

About our speaker

Tina O’Dwyer is CEO & Founder of The Tourism Space, a specialist sustainable tourism consultancy which aims to inspire Sustainable, Regenerative and Collaborative Approaches to Tourism.

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