24 Jan 2023

Leaner and Greener - Water Conservation Webinar

How to conserve water, reducing emissions and costs in your business. This 1-hour workshop delivered by Tina O’Dwyer, The Tourism Space, will cut straight through to the practical steps and actions you can take to conserve water and become a greener and more cost-efficient business.

Upon completion of this webinar, participants will:

  • Be familiar with the Leaner & Greener Water Guidebook
  • Be familiar with the Leaner & Greener Water Workbook and how to use it in their business
  • Understand how to create a Water Savings Action Plan Template
  • Know how to check for leaks in their business
  • Know how to conduct an Internal Water Audit
  • Have a checklist of potential actions that can be taken to save water, emissions and money
  • Have had expert practitioner advice on the process involved in water conservation and water management
  • Have had an opportunity to ask questions and gain skills and knowledge in establishing their own baseline and benchmark


  1. The Leaner & Greener Roadmap
  2. Key Steps to Leaner & Greener Water Conservation
  3. Top Takeaway Actions
  4. Supports available

This webinar is being delivered as part of the Tourism Enterprise Development (TED) Programme 2023 and is open to all in the NI Tourism & Hospitality Industry. 

Webinar Recording

Please find below the recording of the webinar. You can also find pdf version of the slides on the right hand side.