Northern Ireland's Embrace a Giant Spirit Brand

The Northern Ireland - Embrace a Giant Spirit brand reflects who we are and defines both the experiences we offer visitors to Northern Ireland and the way we communicate them.

Visitors baking bread as part of Long Meadow Orchard Cider Experience

It gives Northern Ireland prominence on the island of Ireland and internationally and works to transform how visitors perceive Northern Ireland, how they experience it when they arrive and what memories they share when they leave.

Launched to the world in 2019, Northern Ireland - Embrace a Giant Spirit continues to be fundamental to attracting visitors to Northern Ireland. Through testing in our key markets, it was shown that by delivering on the brand values, there was a 30% increase in likelihood to choose Northern Ireland as a holiday destination.  

Our brand values transform how prospective visitors think of our destination on the island of Ireland and internationally. Through continuing to deepen engagement, the Embrace a Giant Spirit brand will benefit Northern Ireland through: 

  • Increasing our domestic and international reputation as an attractive holiday destination. 
  • Building the number of visitors who come here from international and local destinations. 
  • Increasing the length of time visitors stay away from home. 
  • Increasing the amount of money visitors spend. 
  • Supporting the growth of our small, medium and larger sized tourism businesses.   

At the heart of our tourism brand is our brand promise. This pledges what we commit to deliver for our visitors and lies in the warmth of the welcome and passion that we offer them.

Our Tourism Brand Promise is to:

Sharing the giant spirit of Northern Ireland & awakening the giant spirit in our visitors

Tourism Northern Ireland

Guide to Awakening our Giant Spirit  

Our tourism brand is flexible and any individual, experience or business can adopt the values of our visitor pledge to deliver what our visitors want. To find out more, download our ‘Guide to Awakening our Giant Spirit’