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Facilitated by Michelle Connolly, ProfileTree

Morning Session – Video Production

Content is King and video content should be at the forefront of your marketing strategy. This workshop aims to give you an insight into the video process and get you thinking about video, how it can fit into your business and how to plan, create and shoot a short video.

This session will include:

  • Overview of the different types of video – different content forms and their suitability for different businesses/contexts.
  • Group work - Generate content ideas for each other and get an outside perspective on your business.
  • Video Production tips - angles, lighting etc.
  • Produce a short 30 second video.
  • Uploading video and different styles for different types of social media.


Afternoon Session – Video editing

Explore editing video content using just a mobile phone. Learn how to make professional, targeted content to help your business stand out online and really show your customers what you can do.

In this session we will:

  • Explore the features within simple video editing software in order to create a more professional polished video including branding and adding contact details etc.
  • Explore the features of video editing software – adding graphics, logos, music, simple transitions and images.

This workshop will suit people who are starting out with video or who want to maximise their video creation efforts.

To be eligible for this session, you must have social media channels and YouTube set up for your business.

Please note - For all workshops there will be a number of compulsory qualifying questions to complete as part of the registration process.  You will receive a follow up email in the coming weeks to confirm if you have been successful in registering for the requested workshop(s).

Registration for this event is limited to one representative per organisation.

This event is part of the Tourism Enterprise Development (TED) Programme 2019/20.

 The TED Programme has been developed to help you gain access to the training and resources your business needs to get to the next level, and aims to address the gaps and opportunities for growth as identified by you.